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Volunteers are the hands and feet of our organization. They provide love, laughter and light to an often neglected segment of our society — our nation’s elderly.

Many people volunteer from a spirit of community service, but many others — those we consider our secondary clients — have needs and few ways of meeting them.

As our client volunteers visit seniors, they build confidence in themselves and build self worth. They are providing help to others in exchange for the help they receive.

Whichever category you find yourself in, we hope you’ll consider becoming a valuable MICAH volunteer.

Wondering what a volunteer does during a senior visit? Here’s a list of possibilities:

Sing, dance, play the piano
Perform a skit
Paint fingernails
Read aloud
Do arts and crafts
Hold Bible studies
Write or read letters
Be a friend
Play games
Practice a speech
Learn chess
Whatever you’d like

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