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Our financial partners are the lifeblood of the organization. We could not exist without them.


MICAH increases the impact of financial contributions by using the resources to accomplish two missions simultaneously. In effect, we recycle the funds.

Let’s look at a typical senario:


Nikki needs money for a beauty pageant, so she heads

down Main Street, stopping in at each business along

the way, asking for a donation. How many of these

requests can Mom and Pop Hardware fill? Saying “no”

could damage customer relations, but saying “yes” too

many times can be a financial strain.


Now let’s look at an alternative:


Mom and Pop Hardware has decided to partner with The MICAH Foundation. When Nikki asks for funds, if the manager is interested in contributing, she tells Nikki that contributions are funneled through MICAH. Nikki contacts MICAH and volunteers at a retirement center. After she meets the requirements, MICAH pays her pageant fees and the merchants who referred Nikki pay MICAH. This way two needs are met for the same funding.


MICAH requires accountability from these secondary clients, which in turn provides accountability to donors so they can be sure funds are being used for a hand up and not as a handout.


Of course, MICAH needs funding for operating expenses, too, as well as direct funds for volunteers.

We hope you will consider partnering with MICAH for your community contributions. Or, if you have the resources, we would be grateful and careful stewards of any donation you choose to give.


Thank you for considering us.

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