Founder Brenda Merritt began the organization in Ardmore, Okla., in 2002. She opened a second location in Stillwater, Okla., in 2008. The original purpose was to serve senior citizens through visitation, whether in retirement or nursing homes, but in fulfilling the purpose, it quickly expanded into other areas:

  • Giving scholarships to young people who met minimum established visitation requirements and wrote essays about it

  • Paying utility bills of unemployed or underemployed adults who visited seniors or did office work for the foundation

  • Allowing the unemployable to feel worthwhile and useful by letting them do senior visits

  • Helping nonprofit student organizations raise funds for field trips and activities by arranging for the group to visit seniors

  • Providing visitation gift packages to families who could not visit loved ones as often as they liked

  • Arranging other creative methods to get visits for seniors.

The letters in MICAH stand for Micah Immanuel Caring And Helping.