“The MICAH Foundation has been a huge blessing to our home. Their volunteers have provided friendship and companionship to our residents, many of whom do not have families or visitors from outside the facility. I also believe that our residents, in turn, have been a blessing to

those that come and give of their time to be here. We are thankful to the

MICAH Foundation for their dedication and willingness to spread some

sunshine into the lives of our residents. Thank you, Brenda Merritt, for your

vision and for making it come true for many lonely people.”

Vetress Holt, Administrator 
Ardmore Memorial Convalescent Home

“I was so pleased with this program. It was not only a good way for us to earn money, but the learning with life experiences could not be measured. The kids started out in one frame of mind and the tears that flowed showed what community service is all about.”

A. Shuman Speech & Drama Teacher
Ardmore Middle School

“There’s something to this working. It makes me feel important. and they need me.”

Johnnie Mae Jones