Social Security, SSI, worker’s comp and other assistance programs give people just barely enough money to get by – and sometimes not even enough for that. Caught in financial hardship, many times unexpectedly, these people have few options besides the generosity of friends and are often left feeling discouraged and ashamed.


MICAH provides a way for these individuals to earn a little extra when they need it without jeopardizing assistance program requirements. Voluntary service to seniors allows them to keep their self esteem.


“Because of my husband’s diabetes and other health problems, I need financial help to pay my bills. Receiving welfare-type assistance makes me feel bad about myself. By working with the MICAH Foundation, I can receive help but still feel good because I earn the assistance by working for other needy people. Returning a service to others in this program allows me to maintain my dignity and not feel ashamed for getting help with my bills.”

- Debra Smith